Laureate Communications

Who we are

Let's get to know each other...

We are Laureate Communications - a neat and nifty micro-agency crafting clever communications and content for local and global businesses, complementing your team as and when needed. We bring experience in media, tech, entertainment and lifestyle sectors to the table and turn our talents to corporate, trade, consumer and internal communications projects.

Laureate Communications is founded and run by Lauren Gill. A communicator and linguist with 15 years of international experience, there is no communications discipline Lauren hasn't touched, from trade and corporate to consumer, internal to CSR. With time spent both agency side and in-house and credentials in supporting SME's and big global brands such as Dyson, Logitech and Discovery Channel - Lauren brings unique perspective to any communications brief.

Leaving Geneva and London behind to pursue her dream of going it alone, Lauren set up home by the sea in beautiful Cornwall, UK. A coffee connoisseur with side passion for travel and photography, Lauren is first and foremost a wordsmith extraordinaire - available for engagement on short and long term projects.


laureate /ˈlɒrɪət,ˈlɔːrɪət/noun

person who has been given an important job or a prize because of an achievement in a particular subject